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StarGuidance is brought to you by a team of outstanding astrologers, computer programmers, website developers, graphic artists, translators, astrology educators, writers, researchers, and other professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality astrological services. Below are our sister sites. We hope that whatever your interest in astrology might be that we are able to be helpful to you.

Cosmic Patterns Software
The Sirius, Kepler, and Pegasus astrology programs.
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Matrix Software
The Win*Star, Blue*Star, Win*Writer, Horizons, and many other astrology programs. Visit the site »

Free Astrology Course at
This astrology course takes you from the basics to an advanced level and is completely free. Visit the site »

Over 130 free astrology tutorial videos
A wide variety of topics in astrology explained very clearly by David Cochrane. These videos are very popular with people from beginners to advanced professionals! Visit the site »

Matrix free astrology tutorial videos
These excellent free videos are by Michael Erlewine. Visit the site »

Avalon School of Astrology
Online apprenticeship programs that train you to be a professional astrologer or expand your skills as a professional astrologer.
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More excellent astrology services. AstrologyLand offers many excellent astrological services, such as the popular astrology calendars, I Ching and other oracles. Visit the site »

Matrix Oracles
FREE Matrix Oracle, answer questions great and small. Choose the free Oracle that is right for you: Astrology, Tarot, Runes, I-Ching, Numerology, Friends & Lovers, Fortune Cookie, Yes or No Oracle, Word oracle, and the Electric Almanac. Visit the site »