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"Birth time guess or estimate" Reports
If the birth time is not from a birth certificate or birth record or known to be accurate within about 10 or 15 minutes, then we recommend to check the "birth time is a guess or estimate" option. These reports leave out interpretations of things that are dependent on having an accurate birth time, such as planets in houses and the Ascendant. Therefore, a "birth time estimate" report is a little shorter than a "Birth time certificate or birth time record" report.

Note also that some reports are not available in a "birth time is a guess or estimate" time version because they require a birth time.

Chinese Astrology

In the ancient Chinese tradition time is divided into blocks of 60 years rather than centuries of 100 years. These 60 year blocks are divided into 5 divisions of 12 years and each year in the 12-year cycle is assigned a zodiac sign.

Also, the year is based on a lunar cycle rather than just the solar cycle.

As a result of this very different way of measuring time, Chinese astrology astrology also is different from western astrology. Does the Chinese perspective add new insights that are overlooked using only a Western perspective? Astrologer Suzanne White incorporates both Chinese and Western astrological ideas into a refreshing and interesting astrological analysis. Suzanne is well-known throughout the world for her popular books on Chinese astrology and her insihts are now available in a personalized form for you via the New Astrology Report.

The New Astrology

Astrologer Suzanne White describes how the combination of western zodiac sign and the Chinese sign for the year describe your personality. Suzanne describes in detail how you experience life and you will find her analysis engaging and entertaining as well as revealing.

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