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"Birth Time Unknown" Reports
If the birth time is not from a birth certificate or birth record or known to be accurate within about 10 or 15 minutes, then we recommend ordering the "Birth Time Unknown" style of the report. These reports leave out interpretations of things that are dependent on having an accurate birth time, such as planets in houses and the Ascendant. Therefore, a "Birth Time Unknown" report is a little shorter than a "Birth Time Known" Report.

Note also that some reports are not available in a "Birth Time Unknown" version because they require a birth time.

Excitement & Instability Map — by David Cochrane

Map for Africa

One may wonder why should we use the Excitement and Instability as well. The reason is because excitement and instability might sound like fun, but more often than not, they create problems. These places can be fun to visit and having a wild night out and having many unforeseen events take place can be exhilarating. As a place to live, these places often bring unwelcome surprises and plans, hopes, and dreams that can get frustrated by changes that derail us from achieving goals.

If a place of interest shows up strong in this map (has a red color and to some extent a yellow color), then strongly consider avoiding this place as a place to live. If you decide to live in this place anyway, be prepared for unexpected changes and try to be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

To read the map, locate the darkest red line. The shadow that shows the line is how far that astrological influence reached on a geographic area on the map

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